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My Essential Equipment- Some Basics

From time to time, I will list equipment recommendations for items I use or recommend. AS AN AMAZON ASSOCIATE, I EARN FROM QUALIFYING PURCHASES. This costs you nothing more but helps pay for my costs of bringing you new recipes and how-to information.

I absolutely love my 3-piece Pyrex measuring cups; I believe they are essential for any kitchen. They were one of my earliest kitchen purchases, and I've been using them for years. I find myself reaching for them almost daily, whether I'm measuring out wet or dry ingredients or simply microwaving something quickly.

One of the things I love most about these measuring cups is how versatile they are. They can handle hot and cold liquids, and the clear glass lets me easily see the measurements. Plus, they are super easy to clean and can even be thrown in the dishwasher. I can't imagine cooking without them!

Food containers are an absolute must-have in my kitchen! They are incredibly versatile and come in handy in so many ways. I use them to store leftovers almost daily. Additionally, they are great for storing dry goods like pasta and cereal in the cupboard, and keeping fresh veggies and fruits organized in the fridge.

For me, the key to selecting the right food containers is finding dishwasher-safe ones with secure covers to keep food fresh and come in varying sizes. This allows me to choose the right size container for the food I am storing and makes cleaning up a breeze. With so many options available, from glass to plastic to metal, a food container exists to fit every need and budget.

I can't stress enough how important it is to invest in good-quality knives for your kitchen. Sure, it may seem like a big investment upfront, but I promise it's worth it in the long run. A good set of knives can last you for years, if not decades, if you take care of them properly.

Personally, I prefer Wustof knives because they fit my smaller hands perfectly. But regardless of the brand, it's important to find knives that feel comfortable and balanced in your hand. I recommend starting with just one or two pieces and building your collection over time. A chef's knife and a paring knife are two great starting points. And don't forget to invest in a good sharpening tool to keep your knives in top shape. Trust me, once you start using high-quality knives in the kitchen, you'll wonder how you ever managed without them.

two kitchen knives and a measuring cup
Kitchen knives and measuring cup

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