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Making Homemade Double Chocolate Ice Cream with Canned Milk and Half and Half

Making homemade ice cream is fun, and with the convenience of canned milk and canned half-and-half, it is now easier than ever. Using these shelf-stable ingredients means having them on hand whenever you need them without worrying about dates or spoilage.

Canned milk and half-and-half have a shelf life of up to a year, which makes them perfect for those unexpected cravings for ice cream or to have as a backup in your pantry. With the canned versions, you can avoid going to the store and buying fresh milk or cream whenever you want to make ice cream. This saves you time and money and makes the process much easier.

Not only are canned milk and half-and-half convenient, but they are also versatile ingredients that can be used in various recipes. They are ideal for adding richness and creaminess to desserts, like ice cream, pudding, and custards, and can also be used in savory dishes, such as soups and casseroles.

I recently grabbed some of my canned milk and canned half and half and created a really good chocolate ice cream recipe when we were craving something sweet.

Having canned milk and canned half-and-half on hand for making homemade ice cream is a convenient and practical option. These shelf-stable ingredients provide a long-lasting and versatile solution for having these ingredients ready and waiting in your pantry when needed.

Chocolate ice cream recipe with canned milk


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