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Jam Infused Pressure Canned Cake in a Jar

I recently got a craving for something sweet but knew I shouldn't bake an entire cake since I would eat it all by myself. That's when I decided to try to create another recipe for pressure-canned Cake in a Jar.

Now, some will tell you that making a cake in a pressure canner is not safe. And while it is true that the USDA has not tested pressure canned cake and is therefore not deemed "safe", the USDA also says that botulism foods high in sugar content do not support the growth of botulism.

Cake cut and bite taken!
Jam Infused Pressure Canned Cake in a Jar

To make the cake, I gathered all of the ingredients I needed: cake flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt, unsalted butter, sugar, eggs, vanilla extract, milk, and jam. I also needed four or five half-pint (8 oz) canning jars with lids and rings, as well as my trusty pressure canner.

I mixed together the dry ingredients in one bowl, and in another bowl, I creamed together the butter and sugar until it was light and fluffy. Then, I added the eggs and vanilla extract to the mixture and slowly mixed in the dry ingredients and milk until everything was combined.

As I added the batter to the jars, I also added some raspberry jam to create a sweet and tangy filling. But you can make this recipe with any jam you have on hand! I placed the lids on the jars and pressure-canned them for 35 minutes.

Once the jars were cooled and ready to eat, I couldn't wait to dig in! The cake was moist and fluffy, though more dense than baked cake. And the raspberry jam added the perfect amount of sweetness. I loved that the jars made the perfect portion size, so I didn't feel guilty about indulging in a sweet treat.

Overall, I recommend this Jam Infused Cake in a Jar recipe for anyone looking for a delicious dessert that can be pressure canned and portioned out. It's definitely a new favorite of mine!

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