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Breakfast in a Jar: Sausage Hash with Potatoes, Onions, Peppers, and Herbs

Sausage hash fresh ingredients
Breakfast in a Jar - Sausage Hash

Pressure canning has gained popularity for its ability to seal in flavors and extend the shelf life of homemade creations. Breakfast in a Jar offers a convenient way to have a ready-to-eat meal at your fingertips, even on the busiest of mornings. So, if you're ready to dive into the realm of pressure canning and savor a delectable breakfast in a jar, let's get started.

With this recipe for Sausage Hash, you'll experience a symphony of flavors: the comforting notes of tender potatoes, the savory richness of breakfast sausage, the sweetness of onions, the pleasant taste of peppers, and the aromatic herbs that tie it all together.

Elevate your breakfast routine with pressure-canned Breakfast in a Jar. It's the perfect blend of convenience and flavor, ready to accompany you on your busiest mornings or serve as a delightful treat during leisurely brunches.

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07 févr.

Hello! Excellent recipe. I noticed there is no added liquid. Does that pose a problem with ensuring consistent heat throughout the canning process?

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